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By Selma Cook

What is Rakha?

rakha poemYou are earth

Carrying burdens of love,  fear, grief,  and loss – burying them deep and moving on.

Finding joy within dilemma - a miracle of perception

Like a strongly-rooted plant breaking through a rock reaching toward the sun

You are earth


You are wind

Winding through, around, and between life’s travesties. Gently breathing hope and faith

Wrapping, entwining troubled hearts, weaving circles of love. Binding hearts threatened by blustery storms

Blowing softly. Listening. Attentive to the rhythm; your own and that of life

You are wind.


You are fire

Of alchemy, life’s chemist. Combining pain, loss, sadness, producing hope.

Destroying pride, envy and hate. Melting hardened hearts revealing softness and beauty beneath.

Dancing with wind. Not understanding betrayal, monotony - seeing life’s beauty in all efforts and dreams.

Abraham’s fire – burning coolness.

You are fire.


You are water

Always finds a way. Flowing silently, sifting, shaping, rearranging. An artist never still.

Carried on the wind, falling as rain, then nestled deep within earth. Soothing trickles down a window pane. A cheery stream or an ocean great.

You are water


Swirling, stretching, vibrant Rakha. Reaching within to strengthen every fibre of being.

Time for love? Yes, of self, others and truth. 

So light, so pure, so powerful.

Feeding the earth, taming the wind, cooling the fire. The essence of life.

You are Rakha.

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What is Rakha?

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