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 Selma Cook

 Selma Cook

Discovering my path as I tread it; looking beyond, a haze dims my view

Looking back, regret and guilt weaving through my heart, an insidious vine.

My beginning. My mother, of her, but no longer hers

Wandering far, yet still we are one.


Words like snowflakes – delicate and precise

Show me my journey. It will be judged

What I aimed for and why.

Loss of control throws me into uncertainty

Did I find shelter in tears, or was I heedless and numb?

After life's torrent rains on me, a choice; to shatter or to heal.

Now feeling myself becoming whole.


Love floats but grief is in a physical place; a place I do not want to be.

I can't stop time or capture light

But goodness takes root in a willing heart, growing and spilling over into all I am

The known world shifts, forcing me to accept or resist

Transforming, like a gifted alchemist, into joy, mercy

Love rising up, straight through me and entering the world

Expanding rings of compassion, extinguishing hate

As persistent as meaning and as powerful as dreams.

Walking away from quarrels with dignified calm

Speaking mildness in the face of ignorance.

What I see is a reflection of me.

My life, like an ancient tree, survived a hundred years of drought and storm, still reaching toward the sun.

You Are Earth
I’ve Learnt

I Know…    


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